VCMRF Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation

Planned Giving for VCMRF

With strategic planning you may find a planned-giving vehicle that lets you address your own financial concerns while also allowing you to create a legacy that will extend the benefits of your generosity far into the future and on a much broader scale.


Giving options provide exceptional planning strategies and flexibility and may minimize tax implications. Our tax structure—with its intricate provisions—places a high premium on skillful planning. There are a number of tax-advantaged giving techniques which will allow you to meet your philanthropic goals. You don’t have to be wealthy to take advantage of these opportunities. VCMRF appreciates and counts on the support of all members of our community and every gift is considered precious and each donor is valued. The most common types of giving are:



Join VCMRF's Partnership Society

VCMRF's Partnership Society is a unique way to give to the endowment and preserve the VCMRF legacy. To start a membership, please fill out the form below and return it to VCMRF.

VCMRF Partnership Society Form (PDF)



Gifts of Cash or Assets

The simplest way to support VCMRF is through cash gifts.  But creative gifts of assets can include stocks, bonds, and real and personal property.



Gifts by Will or Trust

Through various types of bequests to VCMRF, you may secure a charitable estate-tax deduction for the value of the gift and you will know that your generosity will support VCMRF for years to come.



Charitable Trusts

With careful planning, you may be able to arrange transfers of property to provide income to you or your beneficiaries as well as making a substantial gift to VCMRF, with resulting income and estate tax advantages.


A representative of VCMRF will be pleased to meet with you and your estate or financial advisors to discuss planned giving opportunities and options with you or to simply answer questions you may have.  For further information, please contact VCMRF Board Member, Roy Schneider via email at rschneider@rstlegal.com.


If you have any questions and wish to speak to a CPA, please contact VCMRF’s CPA Sean Duffy at 805-445-8383.


Please note: The federal estate tax is currently back in effect through the end of 2012. The top tax rate is now 35%, and the exclusion amount is $5,000,000 per person and $10,000,000 per married couple. Any exclusion amount not used by a spouse who dies after December 31, 2010, is portable and generally may be used by the surviving spouse. It is very important that you seek the advice of your estate-planning attorney to determine what changes, if any, need to be made to your existing estate plans.